Our Processing

Dominick’s Seafood is a totally integrated shrimping company. We own a fleet of 7 state-of-the-art fishing vessels manned by 28 seasoned fishermen, a cutting edge processing facility and 750 ft. dock. Because of this ownership advantage and the dedication of our 45-member staff, we can guarantee freshness and expert quality control from start to finish.


Step One: Offloading

Our boats arrive at our company-owned docking area and offload directly to our 20,000 sq. ft. processing facility. Here, shrimp are meticulously inspected for quality. Traceability initiatives begin.

Step Two: Processing

All processing takes place in our facility directly after vessel offloading. Our freezers and processing technology allows us to process, freeze and ship all orders in one streamlined procedure. Everything takes place under one roof and one focused management staff, which allows for strenuous quality assurance. We’ve instituted quality control checkpoints throughout our process to ensure the most rigorous compliance to the highest industry standards.

With our ultramodern shrimp processing facility, we can:

•  Blast freeze 60,000 lbs. per day

•  Individually quick freeze 3500 lbs. per hour

•  Store about 1.5 million lbs. on-site

Step Three: Grading By Size

Again, shrimp are meticulously inspected at this stage. All debris and inferior shrimp are removed. Remaining shrimp is sorted with exacting accuracy. We guarantee our weights, counts, quality and uniformity.

Step Four: Packaging

We pack processed shrimp in IQF or 5 lb. Blocks. Some product will be head,  headless, peeled, unpeeled, some will have tail on, others tail off – all depending on customer request.

Step Five: Shipment

After all shrimp have been packaged, they are frozen and ready for shipment.

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